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Embrace Your Talents

Learn to Become a Certified Life Coach

You have a talent, connecting with people around you, being seen as someone people can confide in – and giving them the guidance they need to grow. We’ll help you use those talents and impact more people than ever before by becoming a Certified Life Coach.

Our coaching program gives students the knowledge and tools to pursue an International Coaching Federation (ICF) credential. With this credential, you’ll be able to better guide clients, helping them to advance their personal and professional life.

Increased Skills

Learn how to partner with clients
and guide them to a better life.

Learn Remotely

Our courses are offered virtually and allow for learning across the US.

Leverage Your Skills on a Larger Stage

Learn how to become a more seasoned speaker, and impact more people.

Meet The Coaches:

Luke Benoit and Joan Wise – With more
than 60-years of combined coaching,
education, psychology and addiction
treatment experience the two bring a
wealth of knowledge to students looking
to join the world of coaching.

Built For Your Success

Our educational program is designed for students looking to pursue an ICF credential and make a career out of life coaching.
Our courses provide more than 60 credit
hours and give students an in-depth
knowledge of how best to help clients.